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Parents embroiled in a child custody battle can choose between hiring a lawyer or navigating the matter solo. Representing yourself in a family law court may seem like a cost-saving move, but it is marred with risks, especially when the issue is riddled with complicated circumstances. Child custody battles are a contentious issue in many divorce proceedings. Children find themselves in the middle of a fight, and their best interests often take a back seat as their parents separate. Hence, having a Boise child custody lawyer will help protect your rights as a concerned parent while advancing your child’s best interests.

When you decide to represent yourself in a child custody case, you must understand the laws governing child custody, which can be a steep learning curve as you try to wrap your head around it all. Moreover, you must track essential details that must reflect in the paperwork you must submit when filing the case and ensure you know the deadlines. Such things can prove too much when you also have to worry about your children’s welfare. Therefore, let us help you surmount this hurdle as you go through your divorce, allowing you to focus on your kids.

At Boise Family Law, we understand the significance of custody arrangements and how they shape your child’s or kids’ health, safety, and emotional wellbeing. That is why we are committed to creating positive solutions that will benefit the child while also focusing on the family as a unit. We never downplay the roles parents play in raising their kids. Towards that end, Boise Family Law aims for an equitable arrangement that makes room for co-parenting if possible.

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Isn’t Child Custody My Decision, Or Do I Need To Go To Court?

The primary objective of a child custody case is to protect and uphold a child’s best interests when deciding which parent will be tasked as the legally acknowledged primary caregiver and how much time the kid spends with each parent. The litigation process demands considerations of the financial implications of child support while considering parenting plans and visitation rights that benefit the child.

Parents can reach an amicable arrangement when divorcing to ensure they protect their kids’ rights and interests. However, custody is never a simple decision that both parents find favorable. That is why many parents believe the court can help decide what is best for their child. Nevertheless, some can work out their differences, reach a “custody agreement,” and avoid a courtroom battle. They will present that solution to the judge for ratification.

The process is never easy and most likely needing mediation, and is where a child custody lawyer comes in to help. At Boise Family Law, we highly recommend you get in touch with a reputable attorney specializing in family law to help with our child custody battle. Get in touch with us today at 208-968-9060 to book your initial consultation and learn more about our legal services.

How Is Custody Determined?

Whether you are the mother or father, the court will use the following guidelines to determine custody:
The Family Law Court will consider and hand down a judgment that protects the child’s rights and interests. The judge will consider the following factors when determining custody:

  • The parents’ nature, stability, and strength of the relationship with their kid
  • The parent with more parenting functions and responsibilities related to the child’s daily needs
  • Both parents’ work schedules
  • Any agreements between the parents
  • Stability of each parent’s home environment
  • The child’s age
  • Childcare needs – the kid’s emotional and developmental needs
  • The level of cooperation between parents in making influential decisions for the child
  • Where the child’s school is located in relation to each parent
  • If the child has any special needs
  • The child’s relationship with other related adults and siblings
  • Whether the parents live nearby or far apart
  • The availability of relatives and other family members who can help
  • The family’s wishes and concerns as a unit

We shall develop a compelling written explanative for each of the issues mentioned above, showing how each applies to you. The court will place more significance on the first factor, using it as a starting point in determining if you qualify to be awarded primary custody of your kid or if you and your ex will share joint legal custody.

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How Do I Know I Need To Hire A Child Custody Lawyer?

As mentioned before, parents will opt to represent themselves in a child custody case. However, it is a decision with serious consequences, especially when your kid’s welfare is a significant concern for you. That is why you should consider working with a dependable child custody attorney with a vast understanding of family law. Some of the instances where you should reconsider walking into a courtroom without an experienced lawyer representing you include:

  1. You have little to no knowledge of family law and how to navigate child custody battles.
  2. Your ex is working with an attorney, which means you need to level the playing field. It would be best to have access to comprehensive legal counsel to ensure your ex does not have a significant advantage over you.
  3. Circumstances surround your case have changed dramatically due to scenarios like your ex remarried or is cohabitating with another adult, turned abusive and violent, planning to relocate, neglecting or abusing your child, or turned combative after being cooperative at the beginning.

Can The Child Custody Be Handled Outside The Courtroom?

In most situations, At Boise Family Law, we recommend to our clients with a protracted family battle such as divorce and child custody battled to consider handling their affairs outside the courts. It is a process that can help reach an equitable arrangement, avoiding a long battle in the court that can leave you financially and emotionally drained. It also helps keep the matter private.

We know that this is an option that needs a trained mediator with experience in family law, who will act as a buffer between the two parents fight over their children’s custody. We will be a neutral third party, offering expert legal counsel while guiding you to reach an agreement that upholds your child’s interests. We shall advise and guide you based on our years of understanding of the court’s expectations and shall help you draft a parenting plan to be presented to the family court judge for approval.

Family review custody agreement made with help from a Boise child custody lawyer.

Advancing The Best Interest Of The Child

At Boise Family Law, we strongly believe in preserving the family unit to ensure children maintain healthy relationships with both parents even if the parents are divorced. Sole custody is not always something that we go for, but we can consider and push for it if the circumstances surrounding your child custody battle suggest it is the best option. Overall, our goal is to advance your kid’s best interests, and that is why we can pursue an order of protection if there is evidence of domestic violence in the home. Conversely, our lawyers can defend you against false allegations of violence and domestic abuse, protecting your parental rights.

Hire A Reputable And Dedicated Child Custody Lawyer At Boise Family Law

At Boise Family Law, we are legal experts that value and appreciate the significance of a family unit and why children need to develop having a healthy relationship with both parents. We are a law firm committed to family law matter and will strive to help you get a positive result in complicated child custody battles. We are the law professionals to hire if you seek effective legal counsel or custody representation. Call our offices today at 208-968-9060 to schedule an initial case review and learn more about how we can help.