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What Is Division of Property In The State Of Idaho?

If you have filed for a divorce in Idaho, you need to decide how to divide your property and debts or the court will do it for you. In the state of Idaho, there are community property laws that outline that all debts and assets acquired by the couple during their marriage belongs equally to both spouses. Therefore, the value of the property awarded to each spouse should be equal.

Some couples seeking a divorce in Idaho are able to agree on the proper division of property and debts. However, if you are having trouble, you need to get legal assistance. Thanks to Boise Family Law, you can get the help you need when planning to divide your marital property. Call us now so we can get started on your case.

What is division of property in Idaho?

What Is Community Property And Separate Property?

In Idaho, if one of the spouses owned property alone before the marriage or acquired property by inheritance or as a gift after the marriage, that will be considered the spouse’s separate property. If you are claiming separate property, you can prove this using financial documents and any other documents. Separate property in a divorce case includes assets you have acquired through the sale or exchange of other property.

Note that, any income generated by the separate property during the marriage such as rent or profits will be classified as community property. However, the couple can agree in writing that the income will become separate property. A couple might change separate property into community property and vice versa. For instance, if you owned a family home before marriage, you could change it into a community property after marriage.

When this happens, the court will take it into evidence that the owner wanted to gift their spouse the family home. Also, community property can become a separate property if one person executes a deed to convey the entire property to their spouse. In some cases, a spouse might change a separate asset into a community unintentionally. It happens through commingling separate property with marital property.

A separate bank account belonging to one person can become community property if the other spouse makes any deposits to it. Also, a house owned by one person can become community property if both spouses pay any expenses on the property including mortgage payments. Most of the assets are partially separate or community such as retirement accounts where one spouse contributed to both accounts before and after the marriage or a business that one spouse started before the marriage and continued it after.

It’s tough to distinguish between community property and separate property during a divorce in Idaho. In most cases, if one spouse owned a business or asset where the other spouse contributed labor or funds during their marriage. If it’s tough to distinguish community and separate property during your divorce, you need to get the best advice from Boise Family Law. With our experience, we should be able to determine whether or not the property is community or separate during your divorce. We are here to help you.

In a division of property case what is community and separate property?

What Is Equitable Distribution In Idaho Property Division?

Equitable distribution of property during a divorce case in Idaho will determine how the community property will be divided among the couple. The process takes into account a few factors when dividing property such as how long the couple was married, their needs, and the financial contributions from each spouse during the marriage. Here’s a summary of everything that is taken into account.

Marital Fault

If one of the spouses is at fault for the divorce, the judge might use them to justify a higher percentage to the injured spouse.

Economic Misconduct

Spouses who have spent marital assets fraudulently or wastefully will be awarded a lower percentage in the division of property.

Income And Earning Capacity

Here, the court will consider the incomes and earning capacities of both spouses. Of course, these might be affected by health, age, and education. Therefore, the spouse with the lower economic prospects will receive a lower percentage.

Educational Contributions

If you have contributed significantly to your partner’s education or earning capacity, you might receive a higher percentage of the marital property.

Custody Of Children

If you have full custody of the children after the breakup, it might end up in you receiving a higher percentage of the estate or the family home.

With the experts at Boise Family Law on your side, you can rest assured that you and your spouse will receive a fair share of the property without any hassles. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

What Is The Process Of Dividing The Property In A Divorce Case In Idaho?

The community property will be divided by assigning items to each spouse. Also, one person can choose to buy out the other spouse. Finally, they can choose to sell the property and divide the assets. In some situations, the couple decides to hold the property together even after a divorce but it might not be a very attractive option. For instance, some couples might choose to keep the family home until the children have completed school.

Besides the assets, the couple must assign the debt incurred during the marriage such as car loans, mortgages, credit card debts to one of the spouses. Remember, the separation or divorce will not be binding to the creditors. It’s a good idea to pay off the debts once the divorce is finalized.

How Do I Find The Best Division Of Property Lawyer For My Case?

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How can a division of property lawyer help?

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