Married at First Sight’s Clara Berghaus Signs Divorce Papers Amid Celebratory Toast

On a TikTok revelation on Wednesday, September 8th, Married at First Sight’s Star Clara Berghaus officially announced that she and Ryan Oubre are getting a divorce. A remixed track named “Celebrate the Good Times” was being sung by the television star, who is 27 years old. The star video-graphed the entire journey of 27 days and finally drove off before 20 minutes the divorce papers were officially signed. The video captioned “Divorce papers signed” finally concludes while the reality star enjoys with a toast.

Earlier this year, season 12 of Married at First Sight aired, and among the three couples, the project manager, 29, and the flight attendant were the only ones who decided to stay with each other. The duo publicized their breakup two months after the reunion aired on Lifetime, in July. The ‘Why” for the couple’s split can be surmised from Ryan Obure’s Instagram story, which communicated that the couple had reached a particular stage in their lives after being away from the cameras for a while.

According to Ryan, both of them acknowledged that parting ways are the best option, and how stressful these decisions are in reality. He further thanked their fans for supporting them in this tough time and for standing by their side. Lastly, he talked about his ex-spouse and wished her all the best in her future endeavors. The duo was planning to renew their vows on New Year’s Eve this year.

In comparison with 2020, there was a shocking 21% increase in the current year trends. There is a theory that the COVID-19 has played a vital role in soaring these numbers. Consult a divorce lawyer in Idaho if you are planning to end your marriage, for whatever reasons.


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