“Courageous” Erika Jayne in Tom Girardi Divorce

Erika Jayne is very well aware that the money issues are not ending anytime soon. Erika, aged 50, told Kylie Richard that life goes on and she read that the bankruptcy trustees are seeking to take the house and evict Tom Girardi. She further added that she is out here to build her life. Erika filed a divorce from Tom Girardi in November 2020. She told her lawyer that she expects nothing out of this divorce on which her lawyer looked at her and said that is the most courageous thing he has ever heard. She is well aware that every day something new strikes.

Erika who filed the divorce has been named in her husband’s bankruptcy case. The trustees are suing her for $25 million. Kyle said that nobody would like to have nothing, but the victims needed to be paid the money. The court document filed by trustees who are overseeing Tom’s case claimed that Erika seems to create a distinction between paying her bills directly and handing her money directly. According to the claim, every payment made for her benefit, she is responsible for that.

Erika denied knowing anything about Tom misusing funds over the years. Erika adds that people are looking at her and she gets criticized for being happy and laughing too much. She is well aware of the problems ahead, yet she intends to enjoy her time.

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