Dr Dre Divorce Finalized With $100 Million Settlement

The Dr Dre divorce from Nicole Young has been finalized with a $100 million settlement. The rapper and producer, real name Andre Romelle Young, and Nicole Young had been married for 24 years. The couple has two children: Truice, aged 24, and Truly, aged 20.

Sources said that Young will get a $50 million settlement immediately and the remaining $50 million after one year. Moreover, she will not receive spousal support as she is not eligible. Young is leaving the marriage with four vehicles and all the jewelry. The vehicles include an Escalade limousine, a Rolls Royce, a Range Rover, and a Spyder motorcycle.

Young, aged 51, was required to move out of the Malibu beach home by the end of December. Under the agreement, she is responsible for paying her legal fees. Dre, aged 56, will keep his wealth including his trademarks, master recordings, and interests in trusts and partnerships. He is currently worth $820 million. Dre will be retaining his Apple stocks as well. It will include the remains of his sale of Beats by Dre, bought by Apple for $3 billion in 2014.

Dre will keep seven of the couple’s properties and six vehicles. It includes two homes in Calabasas, a $100 million Brentwood estate, a Malibu home, and four properties in the L.A. area. According to Rolling Stones, Dre is delighted, as only one-fifth of his liquid assets will be given to his wife. They think she would have gotten more if she had settled the Dr Dre divorce sooner.

In 1996, Young signed a prenuptial agreement when they got married. She contested it saying it was signed under duress. In 2020, Young filed for divorce stating abuse; causing post-traumatic stress syndrome. Young also said that in two incidents in 1999 and 2000, Dre held a gun to her head and hit her in the face.

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Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/dr-dre-finalizes-divorce-100-million-settlement-n1286739