How Do I Know If I’m Getting Enough Child Support in Idaho?

Divorce is never easy for any family, especially if there is a child or children involved. It leads to complex problems that you need to address. And one of those is child support in Idaho. Calculating accurate child support in Idaho is imperative to ensure that your child gets proper care and support.

The state of Idaho, as per the Idaho Child Support Guidelines, follows the Income Shares Model. But there are numerous factors that the judge considers in calculating child support. Let’s go over them to have a better understanding of them.

Factors That Have an Impact on Child Support:

The two things that come into play while calculating child support are the income and time each parent spends with their child. Apart from these two factors, many states, including the state of Idaho, look at some other factors as well. These factors include:

  • Age of children
  • Alimony or support from previous marriages (both receiving or paying)
  • Other income of a parent such as bonuses, commissions, etc.
  • Health insurance expenditure
  • Daycare cost expenses

These are some of the factors that many of the states consider when calculating child support in Idaho. There could be other factors as well that would be depending on the nature of the case. The best way to address them would be to have a reputable divorce lawyer by your side.

How Does the State of Idaho Enforces Child Support?

The state of Idaho takes the matter of child support very seriously. And that is why they have a department, Child Support Services (CSS), at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

The main objective of this department is to ensure proper enforcement of federal and state laws. If any of the parents are not following on payments, you can contact the CSS to complain.

Though the CSS can handle your case, there is a chance that they might not be able to look at an urgent matter due to the backlog. In that particular situation, you can hire an attorney to represent you in court.

The judge can help enforce child support to get all the payments that you should have.

Establishing Child Support in Idaho:

As per the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, both parents are responsible for providing the child support. It is a joint responsibility both of them have to bear regardless of the custody.

So, to begin the process, you need to include children’s support provision in the parenting plan or divorce settlement. Then, you can hire an attorney to contact the Child Support Services (CSS) to initiate it. Once this is complete, the next step would be to calculate the child support.

  • Calculation of Child Support:

Numerous factors that are in the above section come into play when calculating child support. These include the income of both parents and the percentage each parent makes. In addition to this, another thing that comes into consideration. Moreover, you can refer to the Idaho Child Support Guidelines to learn more about it.

  • Health Insurance:

Along with child support, there is also a provision for health insurance in Idaho. The child orders require health insurance for children. In addition to that, it will also apply to any additional healthcare services.

In practice, if health insurance is accessible at an affordable price decided by the courts, both parents will be obliged to pay it.

  • Deviations:

Several factors can result in a deviation, keeping in view the obligation of support. Such deviations include:

Deviations that parents agree upon:

  • Costs of childcare relating to work
  • Custody of the child (Shared or split)
  • Costs relating to health insurance or care
  • Expenses relating to education
  • Changes in the Child Support

There can be a situation where either of the parents can request a review of their child support in Idaho. The request will have to go to CSS through an attorney. In the case where both the parents agree on the modifications, it would be initiated. In case there is a dispute, they can appear in front of a judge.

About Boise Family Law:

Having the proper child care in Idaho is essential so that your child receives the best care and support. And that is why we at Boise Family Law strive to give you the best consultation services.

Divorces are never easy, and we at Boise Family law understand the pain and sufferings you go through. Our professionals have years of experience and aim to get all the support you and your children need.

By getting a thorough understanding of your matter, we work out the best solutions for you. Get in touch with us for your case, and we can help you by addressing all your queries when it comes to child support in Idaho.

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