Idaho Divorce Mistake Case: Ex-Firefighter Doesn’t Have to Pay

A couple’s marriage was declared void due to a lawyer’s mistake to properly file for a woman’s Idaho divorce with the previous partner. It made her be married to two men at the same time. As it was the lawyer’s mistake, the ex-firefighter will not have to repay $12,161 for the cost of his partner’s healthcare to the Kentucky Retirement System.

The state demanded the payment as the woman, Julie Wright, was not legally married to Kevin Brown so her medical bills were not covered. Brown was a retired firefighter.

Brown filed a lawsuit for which Judge Thomas Wingate gave his verdict on July 1st that the state law does not allow an overpayment recovery in the retirement system. The judge further added it was nonsensical to refuse Brown in designating Wright as his spouse beneficiary after discovering the mistake.

Wright considered herself divorced; she married Brown in 2015 on Valentine’s Day. Brown added her and his children on a retiree health insurance plan covering $12,161 for medical bills.

Wright and Brown filed a lawsuit against the lawyer at fault and demanded $100,000 for malpractice in a divorce case, the lawyer filed a lawsuit for extortion against the couple, and both sides dropped their claims.

It was determined that the lawyer negligently informed the client that she was granted a divorce. The allegations were validated.

If you or your loved ones suffer such an incident, know your legal rights through an experienced Idaho divorce lawyer.


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