Reality Star Lindsie Chrisley Divorce Finalized

Reality star Lindsie Chrisley divorce from Will Campbell has been finalized after the two have settled on the terms for separation. The legal case was settled on September 8. 

According to the court documents, the settlement pertained to their only child, Jackson Campbell. With no alimony settlement, both agreed to the joint custody of their son and child support.

The couple’s belongings include vehicles, a family house, furniture, artwork, and a pet.  According to the settlement agreement, the star of “Chrisley Knows Best” will keep her Lexus whereas Campbell, aged 31, will keep his Ford F1-50. They both previously sold and divided their assets. Their family dog will remain with their son. They both have sold their Canton home. Chrisley, aged 32, bought a new home when they filed to complete a divorce settlement.

After nine years of marriage, Chrisley announced that she was getting a divorce in July. According to reports, the decision was mutual and amicable and the couple will continue to be friends. Chrisley revealed how Campbell had taken their son on a trip and it was a bittersweet memory as they had all gone together as a family on the same trip before. 

Commenting publicly on the Lindsie Chrisley divorce, Chrisley’s estranged father, Todd, said back in August that he was praying for his daughter and that he was committed to protecting her from anyone who tries to harm her. 

Lindsie Chrisley responded that she was shocked to hear of her father’s public comments when they don’t even have each other’s numbers. She added that her father blocked her on Instagram so she could not see his post.

If you or someone you know suffered a similar situation, know your legal rights with the help of an Idaho divorce lawyer. Getting a divorce is a very challenging and overwhelming process. Your lawyer can properly guide you along the way.


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