What to Know About Relocation and Child Custody Laws in Idaho

If you plan to get a divorce from your partner due to any reason, make sure you have full knowledge about child custody laws in Idaho. In Idaho, there have been some special rules made to ensure the safety of children even after the divorce of their parents. The custody of a child is also decided on these rules.

According to Idaho Child Support Guidelines, Idaho follows the “Income Shares Model”. In this model, a judge decides how much time parents would spend if they both were still together. This time is then divided between both of them on the basis of their income and then the Child Support Award is created.

Different Child Custody Laws in Idaho:

There are several Child Custody Laws in Idaho that help a Judge in giving the custody of a child to a suitable parent after the divorce. Both parents should be able to work out the joint custody of their child. On the basis of this, a court makes decisions about the physical custody of a child.

The main priority of the court while giving custody of a child is his/her wellness and best interest. The custody of the child depends on the child and his/her parent’s attitude towards the process. Some other factors on which the custody of a child depends under Idaho Laws are as follows:

  • If any parent has plans of relocating after getting a divorce and custody of the child
  • Physical as well as mental health of both parents
  • If any parent is very willing to get custody of his/her child
  • History of abuse (mental or physical) between any parent and the child and even both parents
  • The child’s wish if he/she is older; Depends on the fact with which parent he or she wants to be after divorce
  • The relationship of both parents with their child/ children, sibling(s), and also their extended family
  • Income of both parents and their Job Stability
  • The desire of each parent to have custody of the child
  • Child’s schooling, community, and living situation
  • The behavior of everyone who is involved in the case. It also includes their mental and physical health.

How Does a Judge Decide the Relocation of a Child in Idaho?

Child Custody Laws in Idaho have evolved a lot with time. Previously custodial parents were free to move after divorce along with their children anywhere. However, it is not the same now. Now you have to talk your way through the non-custodial parent of your child and only then you can relocate.

If the non-custodial parent objects to your moving with the child, you will not be able to do so until the court decides in your favor. Today the court system of Idaho wants the children to grow up with both parents even after divorce, so it is a bit difficult to relocate with your child even you have his/her custody.

Here is the list of some factors a judge will look at when you want to move with your child and file a relocation request:

  • Age and gender of the child who will be moving with the custodial parent
  • The primary reason for the relocation e.g. New job, Schooling or Living, etc.
  • The cost of different communication methods to be used by the Non-Custodial parent while visiting the child
  • If there are any extended benefits of the relocation e.g. better medical system or improved schooling etc.
  • The location where the custodial parent wants to move
  • Relationship between the custodial and non-custodial parent as well as their child
  • If the non-custodial parent agrees or not with the relocation of the child and their reasons why
  • Child’s consent in this matter

About Boise Family Law:

In short, custody is given only to that parent whom the court finds best for the child. Try not to manipulate your child into thinking that another parent is not good for them. Let your children decide themselves with whom they want to live and talk with your partner too through it.

We at Boise Family Law, are determined to help you with the custody of your child if you are getting divorced because we understand how difficult of a situation it can become. We will help you in every matter and also relocate with your child. Our team consists of experts and professionals who know their work better than anybody else. Get in touch with us if you are looking for answers when it comes to Child Custody Laws in Idaho.

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