Senate Candidate’s Wife Choked and Abused by Husband, Testimony Shows

The wife of Sean Parnell testified that she suffered years of abuse and rage. Sean Parnell is the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania endorsed by former President Donald Trump. During divorce and custody proceedings in Butler County Court, Laurie Parnell testified to being abused by husband during a hearing over the custody of their three children.

Detailing how she was abused by husband, she testified that Sean Parnell choked and strangled her. In another argument after the Thanksgiving trip, Sean Parnell forced her out of the vehicle after telling her to get an abortion. She further added that Sean once slapped their child leaving welts through the back of the child’s shirt. Once he called her a whore while pinning her down. She said Sean was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Sean Parnell is a decorated former Army Ranger who led a platoon in Afghanistan. 

The Parnells were living apart for three years. In a statement, Sean Parnell said he will set the record straight in his testimony. He said he never raised a hand in anger towards his wife or children and that he would present the truth to the court.

Parnell wrote a biography of his service in Afghanistan as he described being in heavy combat and sustaining wounds that caused him dizziness, difficulty with motion, and becoming forgetful. The memoir became a New York Times bestseller. He also wrote four action novels and ran unsuccessfully for Congress. He became a favorite of Trump as well as a friend of Donald Trump Jr.

Parnell’s personal life became a subject in the Republican primary campaign as one rival, Jeff Bartos, publicly attacked him for allegations of divorce and child custody dispute. 

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