Settlement Achieved Concerning Idaho Legal Aid Regarding Family Law Case

A woman has settled her case with her ex-husband concerning her family law proceedings. The woman in her application claimed that her Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) became a reason for her Idaho legal aid to be rejected as this payment was falling under the classification of income. This classification resulted in taking her above the minimum threshold upon which the decision of Idaho legal aid resulted in a rejection. She claimed that her rights had been breached.

The case was able to reach a settlement when a statement was passed by the Department of Justice that HAP will not be included while the calculations for legal aid are being performed for any individual.

The woman has claimed that her former partner was a violent individual. It has been speculated that this settlement will bring relief to a lot of families who are struggling with legal aid for any family law-related issues.  It will give them a chance to opt for legal representation. It is hoped that this action will also build a way towards taking other reforms more urgently as well which will allow access to justice for many who are currently facing hindrances. Individuals whose legal aid applications were rejected due to HAP or other housing support payments are encouraged to re-apply for financial aid again as well.

If you are currently undergoing family troubles of the sort and are in need of legal representation from a family law attorney in Idaho, do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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