90 Day Fiance’s David Toborowsky and Wife Share Thoughts on Cormier-Zermeno Divorce

On January 4th, 2022, David Toborowsky told Us Weekly that he and his wife were very shocked to hear about the split between Evelyn Cormier and David Vázquez Zermeno last year. News of the Cormier-Zermeno divorce took many other of their friends aback; not just the fans of the show.

Toborowsky also stated that the ex-couple visited him and his wife right before they broke the news to everyone. He also said that sometimes people are better off going on their own separate paths. That being said, he also commended the couple to end things if it felt right to them. His wife, Annie Suwan suggested that Cormier may have different goals in life and that’s probably a reason the divorce happened.

Shortly after the Cormier-Zermeno divorce took place, Cormier accused her former husband of emotional abuse due to a passionless and narcissistic relationship. She also mentioned that this is a reminder that not everything on social media is real. Zermeno denied these allegations and said that he would not want to disclose any further details out of respect for the four years of marriage they had.

A few months prior to the divorce, fans began to question why Cormier’s husband did not show up in her posts as frequently. To this, she responded that she respects the fact that he’s a very private person.

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Source: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/90-day-fiances-david-annie-weigh-in-on-evelyn-david-z-s-split/