US-Based Doctor Han Joe Kim Files for Divorce

After a successful love affair, the couple was happily married for the last six years. In an unfortunate reveal, Han Joe Kim, a doctor files for divorce. A prominent US-based doctor faced betrayal as he came to know that his wife was a former sex worker. Following the reveal, the husband was in great shock. To his utter dismay, he got to know about the harsh reality. The doctor files for divorce after considering the situation carefully. The couple remained happily married for the last six years. It has been overwhelming for the husband.

Six years ago Dr. Han Joe Kim met a beautiful model. After being in a successful love affair Dr. Kim married the model. The name of the model has been identified as, Regina Turner. Recently Dr. Kim came to know about the past of his wife. It has also been reported that his wife earned a lot of money in her past. His wife kept her past life a secret from Dr. Kim. Moreover, she convinced him that she was a model and all her earnings were income from modeling.

The doctor suffered emotional distress after knowing about his wife’s past. In a state of utter shock, the doctor decided to divorce her. Recently, the divorce petition was filed in a family court where the divorce was granted. It has been revealed that the model cheated on her husband several times. She claimed to Dr. Kim that she was a science graduate but later it was found that she was a school dropout. She shared objectionable photos with different people after being married to Dr. Kim. This created suspicion.

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