Why do I Need a Lawyer for My Divorce Case in Boise, Idaho?

Divorce can be an emotionally stressful ordeal. For a lot of people, the time, stress, and money involved are overwhelming. If a family law matter is in your future, it can be tempting to handle your case yourself. So why should you hire a Boise divorce attorney?

Knows the Law

To begin with: you need somebody who knows the law. Knowing the facts of your case is just half the battle. If you wish to win, you need to be knowledgeable about the laws and how they will impact your case. Statutes, case law, local court rules, and rules of civil procedure are all applicable. Failure to know or understand a significant principle or legal standard could jeopardize or destroy your situation. A Boise family law attorney will have the essential experience to navigate the law and its complexities.

There are potentially numerous people besides the plaintiff and defendant who could be involved in your situation. These include witnesses, family members, social workers, employers, and other third parties. These entities and individuals will each have certain information relevant to your matter. An experienced family law attorney will know who may be required to assist you to win. Your lawyer will also know which witnesses or other parties will not prove useful to your case. There’s no need to call witnesses in a trial or hearing who will not help your case.

Familiarity with legal terms (not just the law) is something with which your lawyer can assist. The discovery process is a good example of when this may arise. Discovery describes the methods by which either party in a case attempts to collect all relevant information. Through the discovery process, you are most likely to experience “legalese.” These words and phrases will probably not be familiar to someone inexperienced with the law. Your lawyer’s job is to guide you through all this.


Another significant part of a court case is following deadlines. The court system depends upon deadlines to ensure that cases progress to resolution. There are deadlines to file and answer court pleadings and other documents, answer discovery requests, and respond to subpoenas.

You could get an arrangement in your case that determines important time frames or due dates for the parties. Some deadlines are less apparent than others, especially if you aren’t familiar with the applicable rules or law. However, missing a date or time limit could be problematic and possibly even land you in trouble with the judge. A significant part of what your Boise family law attorney does, therefore, is managing deadlines.

Communication Between Parties

Another significant part of any domestic matter is managing communications. Throughout your case, you can expect to exchange information with the court, opposing counsel, and other parties. Certain rules may govern these communications, especially with regard to contacting judges. As for interacting with the opposing side, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t inadvertently reveal sensitive or confidential information. Your attorney’s job is to safeguard your information and be sure it’s communicated correctly and at the right time.

Finally, you need an attorney who can exercise objective judgment in your case. Emotions are most likely running high, especially if you’re dealing with custody or cash. You will likely only see the facts in the light most favorable to you. This can limit your perspective and hurt your case. The benefit of getting an attorney is having someone who can analyze your case from the outside. A Boise family lawyer will view the facts for what they really are and will give you honest, realistic expectations.

Speak To A Boise Divorce Attorney About Your Case Today

But regardless of what kind you’re going through, you need a skilled attorney by your side. An experienced divorce attorney will understand the legal system and will know how best to advocate for your interests. Don’t risk being taken advantage of by lawyers on the other side. Call Boise Family Law now to discuss your case.

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