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Being in a situation where you want to adopt means understanding the legal requirements of the process. Our Caldwell adoption attorneys at Boise Family Law can assist you with the adoption process in Idaho and make sure things go smoothly. If you want a competent and proven family law attorney, then our firm is your trusted partner.

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How Do I Start The Adoption Process?

If you want to adopt a child, here is where you get started.

• Choose the best type of adoption for you. For instance, do you want to adopt a newborn or an older child? Do you want to adopt through a private agency or through foster care? Do you want to adopt a child from another country or local, specifically in Idaho?

• Choose the best adoption agency to help out. Here, you need to find out the average wait times to get your child or whether the agency will provide support and education throughout the adoption process. What’s the cost of adopting a child through the agency? If there is a disruption in the process what will the agency do especially if finances have been paid?

• Follow the requirements set out by the adoption agency such as home studies and surveys to make sure that the child you are planning to adopt will be a good fit in your home.

• Connect with people planning to give up their children for adoption. If you are planning to adopt a newborn, you should be able to meet with the parents of the child and initiate a relationship.

• Finalize the adoption legally using a good Meridian adoption attorney at Boise Family Law.

How Do You Choose the Best Caldwell Adoption Attorney?

Choosing a good adoption lawyer is one of the most important things a client needs to do.

You will want to go with a reputable law firm that understands adoption laws and has been through this legal process before with other clients.

At Boise Family Law, we are an established name in Caldwell and that ensures we have the experience to deliver great results. We will offer guidance, support, and professional advice that is a must during the different phases.

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What are the Phases of the Adoption Process?

Adoptions go through a rigorous set of phases to ensure the child’s safety and well-being in Idaho. It starts with a general assessment of the potential adoptive parent(s). This includes income, criminal history, and/or any other relevant details that will impact the child’s life. It is also important to deal with consent once the application goes through.

After everything has been managed and consent has been given, the paperwork is going to be done leading up to a home study phase. The home study phase is designed to assess the potential adoptive parent(s) based on where they are living. This includes how long they’ve been living in the same property, medical records, and/or any other details.

There is a six-month phase after placement that is going to be used by the department to assess whether or not the adoptive parent(s) qualify. Once this is done, the adoption is going to go through as planned.

Is the Birth Father Required to be Involved in the Adoption Process?

Adoption in Idaho requires the consent of both parents as long as they meet certain requirements, which gives them the right to do that. The involvement of the birth father in the adoption process will depend on several factors.

If he was married to or lived with the birth mother at some point during the pregnancy, his consent will most likely be needed before placing the child for adoption. If he was never married and never lived together with the birth mother then his consent will most likely not be needed. Still, he may be notified of the pending adoption and may have the right to either consent or object at that point.

If you aren’t sure of how to proceed with the birth father’s involvement, you can always get in touch with us here at Boise Family Law to discuss your situation.


Do You Have to be Wealthy to Adopt?

It is often assumed that adoption is only an option for wealthy people. This is incorrect as the requirement is set at having a home for the child and making sure there is stable income coming into the household throughout the year. If this can be proven along with passing all of the resulting tests, anyone can move forward with the adoption.

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You don’t have to be wealthy nor is that what the state is going to require during the process. Call Boise Family Law to learn more about your options in Caldwell. The team will be more than happy to pinpoint what the requirements are and how they apply to your case.


What are the Adoption Costs in Idaho?

It is important to look at all aspects of adopting in Idaho. This includes understanding what the adoption costs are associated with the process.

In general, there are several costs involved in the process and it can end up costing over $15,000. This includes regular fees paid to the state, placements, and legal fees.

You will get a better idea of how this applies to your situation in Caldwell by calling Boise Family Law at 208-968-9060. We can discuss this information with you properly during a consultation. Our goal is to work with our clients and make sure they are in a position to adopt a child.

How Long Does the Adoption Process Take?

There are specific steps involved in the adoption process. This means you are not going to have the opportunity to complete the adoption process until at least six months. There are multiple steps at play including an initial background check, consent, home study, and placement.

Each step is important and it is something adoptive parents have to go through. It is best to take the time to reach out to a qualified adoption lawyer to see what the process is going to entail in your case. We can help with this as soon as you call us.

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How Long Until The Adoption is Finalized?

After everything has been approved, you are going to want to finalize the adoption. The long process is done to make sure everything checks out. This is essential and once the approval comes through from the placement, it will take a few weeks for the process to finish.

In general, we are going to be right there to help out at Boise Family Law. For us, the goal is to be there with our clients to ensure the right decisions are made and you are aware of what your legal options are as the process winds down.

Will the Adopted Children Know About Their Birth Family?

It is always advisable to have some degree of openness for the sake of the child and may actually be mandated by the courts during the adoption process. In fact, Idaho maintains the Idaho Voluntary Register that provides contact details about all persons connected with the adoption. As long as all parties consent to have their information available, contact can be made after the child grows up.

Can a Mother Revoke Her Consent to Adoption?

Yes, a mother can revoke her consent to adoption during the process. There are legalities associated with this decision and the mother will be expected to compensate the adopting parents. This includes any or all of the fees associated with the process leading up to the decision.

This will be decided as soon as the mother’s decision has been legally filed.

We have seen this happen and understand how to navigate the legal process involved once the decision is made. We can help shed light on what is required and what needs to happen moving forward.

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