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It is essential to understand how family law works and the value of a qualified lawyer.

At Boise Family Law, we are heralded for offering top-tier legal resources that are designed to assist with all types of family law cases. Our goal remains to understand what a client needs and then come up with a power-packed legal strategy that yields positive results.

We know it is a challenging time for anyone that is in this position and that is where our compassionate team goes a long way in helping.

With Boise Family Law, you are going to know the process will be handled professionally and all relevant regulations are going to be taken into account.

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What Qualifies as a Family Law Case?

When assessing the merits of your case, it is also important to see whether or not it fits under the label of family law.

At Boise Family Law, we are a seasoned legal team that has represented clients for a long list of reasons. It is this experience that ensures we can help clients move towards the results they need.

Before looking at the team, it is also important to understand what qualifies as a family law case in Idaho.

Types of cases include:

* DSS Cases
* Legal Name Changes
* Parental Rights, Child Support & Child Custody
* Restraining Orders
* Uncontested & Contested Divorce
* Alimony Agreements & Spousal Support

At Boise Family Law, we will discuss your case in detail as soon as the process begins. The consultation is going to include going over your situation, facts, and what needs to be done to position your case the right way.

With our help, you are going to see impressive results and things are going to work out the way you want them to.

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What are the Grounds for Divorce in Idaho?

When filing for a divorce in Caldwell, you are going to have a legitimate reason for doing so. This reason is going to be listed in the filing that is sent to the state.

Each situation is different and sometimes both parties will want to go their separate ways amicably.

This is why it is important to have a seasoned specialist go over your specific case. This is the only way to feel good about the value you are getting throughout the process and how it’s going to help with your legal strategy.

There are specific grounds for divorce that can be mentioned.

These grounds for divorce include:

* Extreme Cruelty
* Adultery
* Habitual Intemperance
* Willful Neglect
* Willful Desertion
* Separation Without Cohabitation

Take the time to go through these nuances one by one with the help of our legal team at Boise Family Law. We will make sure to discuss each aspect of your case and then pinpoint what reasoning is going to be used when filing for a divorce.

For us, it is all about taking the right steps and making sure your case is ironclad. This will help fight for what is yours and make sure you are coming out of the situation the way you want to.

How Do You Start The Divorce Process?

Filing for a divorce in Idaho is going to include a set of steps that need to be followed in detail.

You are going to have to fill out multiple forms including – Family Law Case Information Sheet, Summons with Orders, Petition for Divorce (No Children), Vital Statistics Form, and Affidavit of Service with Orders.

It is important to note there are additional forms that need to be filled out if you have children. They are another aspect of the divorce that will need to be managed with the help of a trusted lawyer. You will want to go through everything to make sure all circumstances are accounted for.

Once these forms have been submitted, the divorce process is going to start.

The forms are then going to be served to your spouse to get things underway. Remember, it is always better to have this done with the help of a specialist that is going to make sure the right steps are taken immediately.

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How Does the Division of Property Work in Idaho?

Division of property is simple when it comes to divorce proceedings.

There is a community aspect associated with the division of property, which means both parties are going to be equal owners of the property or assets that are being divided. This is based on all things being equal surrounding the circumstances of the divorce.

In general, a property under the name of the couple is going to be split in half. This means both are going to get 50% of the property’s value.

Of course, this also includes any debts that are associated with the assets.

For example, if there is a mortgage on the house, it is going to be split in the same manner. This is done to make sure things are being divided in a way that is fair to both parties.

As mentioned before, it still depends on how long the marriage lasted. This is not going to be likely if the marriage was less than a year-long and there are other variables to account for during the process too.

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How is Child Custody Decided?

Child custody is an intricate part of any divorce proceedings.

This means the judge will go through all relevant factors while assessing what needs to happen with the custody rights. This includes what is better for the children and sometimes what their opinion is on the matter based on their age.

This is critical and tends to involve multiple steps along the way including assessing both partners for their safety as legal guardians.

The state will make sure to hear both sides during the process along with going through any custody paperwork associated with these legal rights.

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What is Alimony and How is it Decided?

Alimony refers to any form of spousal support as deemed necessary by the state.

This includes a spouse having to pay their partner a set amount based on their circumstances. There is a legal process associated with this aspect of a divorce and the amount will also be dictated after the judge goes through relevant information involving both partners.

This spousal support will vary when it comes to how long it lasts. Sometimes, alimony will be temporary while other times it is going to be permanent. This is all written in the divorce decree that is set up along with how the alimony payments are going to be made. The judge will have to account for the financial needs of one partner.

Judges will usually look at both individuals based on their income. This includes whether or not there is a disparity between both partners that is highly unequal. They will also take into account the amount of time that was spent together as a married couple.

This information tends to play a role in whether or not the judge deems it necessary for alimony to be paid.

If the marriage hasn’t lasted for a long time, the judge is unlikely to move forward with an alimony payment structure.

For those who do have to pay alimony, it can come in two different payment setups – lump sum (one-time payment) or periodic payments (monthly).

It is also important to note any lump sum payments cannot be changed after they have been made. They are binding after they are approved by the judge. While periodic payments have an end date with conditions (i.e. partner remarries, either spouse passes away, the individual retires).


Whether it is is willful neglect or habitual intemperance, it’s in your best interest to fight for your legal rights in Idaho.

At Boise Family Law, we are noted for helping in all types of cases and will always do what is right for our clients. This includes offering comprehensive consultations to learn more about the case details and how it needs to be positioned to help complete the process legally.

Due to our expertise with these cases in the region, we are a reputable name you can rely on. Our team is fully trained, committed, and isn’t going to waste time along the way.

Our goal remains to provide competent legal advice that is tailored to your situation. We continue to develop new-age strategies that are going to ensure the case goes through as needed.

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