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Going through the adoption process for the very first time can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you decide to handle the entire endeavor on your own. We firmly believe that professional assistance from the right Nampa adoption attorney will make the process easier and faster.

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How Do I Start the Adoption Process?

To start the adoption process, you will have to go through a couple of important steps:

  • Make sure that an adoption is the right way to grow your family and you’re 100 percent comfortable with the decision.
  • Select the type of adoption you’re going to pursue –will you adopt a newborn, will you foster to adopt, will you go the international adoption route (each one of these opportunities has pros, cons, and some limitations).
  • Choose the right adoption agency and an adoption lawyer in Nampa to guide you through the journey.

In Idaho, there are some simple requirements for adoptive and for foster parents.

To adopt, you need to be at least 25 or you should be at least 15 years older than the child you will be adopting. If you’re married, your spouse will also need to meet the requirements and consent to the adoption. Anyone who wants to foster should be at least 21, in possession of a stable source of income and they should have a sufficiently big home to raise a child.

Tips for Picking the Best Nampa Adoption Attorney

The right adoption lawyer will guide you through all of the complexities you’ll need to face before adopting a child into your family.

To pick the right professional for the job, you’ll have to consider a number of essentials:

Credentials and background: How long has the respective Nampa adoption attorney been in practice? Have they worked on cases similar to yours and what outcome did the attorney guarantee their clients? Niche experience and specialization both matter, which is why you should always start with checking credentials.

Cost: The overall cost of adoption in Idaho can be significant (more about that in a coming section of the guide). Hence, you should make sure that the attorney you plan to work with is offering reasonable pricing you can afford.

Ease of communication: Going through an adoption means you’ll need to discuss many sensitive and intimate issues. A legal professional should make you feel comfortable enough to go on such a life-changing journey together.

Couple and little girl at office of Nampa adoption attorney.

What Are the Phases of the Idaho Adoption Process?

After starting the adoption process in Idaho, you’ll need to complete various important steps to ensure a successful outcome for your family.

Obviously, you will have to fulfill various requirements that will be dictated by the type of adoption you choose to pursue. Some of these requirements have already been mentioned in the previous sections of the guide.

As an adoptive parent in Idaho, you’ll need to go through a couple of additional steps to complete the process.

These include getting a physical exam, having a background check performed, and in some instances, you’ll need to go through training. Other specifics will depend on the type of adoption.

Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption (in the US) is typically the one that necessitates the least amount of time. You will receive comprehensive information about the child, their background, and medical records. Birth mothers will receive your profile, they’ll review it and decide if you’re a suitable candidate for the adoption of their child.

International Adoption

International adoptions are preferred by some Idaho families. The cost and the requirements will vary depending on the country you’ve chosen. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll probably be granted less comprehensive information about the child and their background.

You will typically be included in a waiting list, which means that international adoption would take longer than a domestic one to complete.

Foster Care Adoption

Foster care adoption gives you immediate access to thousands of children in the foster system. Usually, these are older kids and the chances of adopting a newborn this way are minimal. Paperwork, requirements, and complexities are similar to those you’ll face with other kinds of adoption. The cost here is going to be minimal and usually, the waiting periods are fairly short.

Mother and adopted son touch noses.

Is the Birth Father Required to Get Involved in the Adoption Process?

Adoption in Idaho requires the consent of both parents as long as they meet certain requirements, which gives them the right to do that. The involvement of the birth father in the adoption process will depend on several factors.

If he was married to or lived with the birth mother at some point during the pregnancy, his consent will most likely be needed before placing the child for adoption. If he was never married and never lived together with the birth mother then his consent will most likely not be needed. Still, he may be notified of the pending adoption and may have the right to either consent or object at that point.

If you aren’t sure of how to proceed with the birth father’s involvement, you can always get in touch with us here at Boise Family Law to discuss your situation.

Do You Need a Lot of Money to Adopt?

There’s a common understanding that you have to be rich in order to adopt.

What most adoption agencies would ask for is a demonstration of your ability to support yourself and a new family member. Hence, you don’t need to own your home or have huge savings in order to be considered.

Keep in mind, however, you’ll need to cover various adoption costs.

What Are the Costs of Adoption in Idaho?

Adoption costs in Idaho may vary depending on the type of adoption you choose to pursue. Domestic adoption will be different from international adoption while adoption from a government agency will be different from a private agency.

Here are some of the expenses that you may have to consider when looking to adopt a child in Idaho, no matter the adoption type that you decide to pursue:

  • Medical costs for the birth mother and child
  • Legal and agency fees
  • Reasonable maternity and living expenses during the pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after the birth of the child.

Note: Financial assistance to the birth parent may not exceed $500 without the court’s prior approval. Allowed expenses can only be paid to third-party vendors. Financial assistance may not exceed $2,000 unless with authorization by the court. All expenditure has to be presented by verified affidavit of the attorney or agency once the adoption is finalized.

Adoption costs concept

How Long Does the Adoption Process Take?

The length of time it takes to complete the adoption process depends on several factors such as how quickly your home study provider receives your application, medical, and personal references and background checks, when you are able to complete your training, and the home study timeline of your home study provider.

After being approved for adoptive care, the time taken to receive a placement equally depends on many different factors, such as the type of child (health, race, gender, age, etc.) you are willing to accept, along with the type and number of children in need of placement. There’s typically a minimum 6-month period of supervision of the child’s placement before finalization of the adoption.

Will My Adopted Children Know about Their Birth Family?

It depends on whether it was an open or closed adoption. With a closed adoption, there is no access to the birth parents until the child reaches 18 years of age. With open adoption, the child has access to the birth parents as many times as they wish.

Can a Mother Revoke Her Consent to Adoption?

Yes, the mother has the right to revoke her consent to the adoption process if it was obtained through fraud or coercion. She might also revoke consent if it is in the best interest of the child to do so. If a mother revokes her consent in an adoption case, make sure you have the right legal representation to avoid further hassles when it comes to the adoption process.

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